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Iranian-American Novelist Porochista Khakpour Explains the Powerful Impact of Iran Deal Towards Prog

CHARLOTTE: After two years of negotiations, the United States, along with six other leading nations have finally reached a framework agreement with Iran for the country’s nuclear program.

ARIEL:  President Barack Obama commented on the progress yesterday. He said that now Iran will face more inspections than any other country.

OBAMA_IRAN_1: If Iran cheats, the world will know it.  (0:02)

CHARLOTTE: The deal won’t be finalized until the end of June, when negotiators work out the key details for final agreement. The program plans to restrict Iran’s nuclear capabilities for the next decade.

ARIEL:  If Iran breaches the terms, Obama says the country could face unprecedented sanctions. But he said this agreement should peacefully resolve one of the greatest threats to our security.

CHARLOTTE: Some are calling the framework a major achievement of the president’s foreign policy. And Obama says the breakthrough could help reunite Iran with the world.

OBAMA_IRAN_3: It demonstrates that if Iran complies with its international obligations, then it can fully rejoin the community of nations. Thereby fulfilling the talent and aspirations of the Iranian people. That would be good for Iran and it would be good for the world. (0:15)

CHARLOTTE: In Iran, this news has been met with widespread celebration. And for some Iranian-Americans, the news is even more momentous. I visited Iranian-American novelist Porochista Khakpour this morning. In her Harlem apartment I asked her about her initial reaction on Twitter.

BACK ANNOUNCE: Porochista Khakpour is an award-winning Iranian-American novelist, who wrote Sons and Other Flammable Objects and The Last Illusion.


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