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Top of the Hour Newscast with Augusta Anthony

ANTHONY:  From Columbia Radio News, in New York, I’m Augusta Anthony.  The NYPD have arrested a former teacher and his twin brother after explosive materials were found at their home in the Bronx.  Christian Toro, a 27 year old high school teacher, is accused of paying his students to take apart fireworks to get gunpowder.  Toro resigned after the school received a bomb threat in December last year and instructions were later found on his laptop detailing how to make explosive devices.  Toro and his brother, Tyler, face a maximum sentence of 10 years.

ANTHONY:  The New Yorker published a salacious article today alleging President Trump had an affair with former Playboy playmate of the year, Karen McDougal.  Beginning in 2006, McDougal claims the affair continued for 9 months during the President’s marriage to First Lady Melania Trump.  McDougal was paid $150,000 for her story by the National Enquirer during the 2016 election.  The enquirer’s publisher, David Pecker, a long-time friend of President Trump failed to run the story.

ANTHONY:  A group of 11 Dreamers and their allies set off from New York City’s Battery Park yesterday on a 250 mile march to Washington DC.  They demand a Clean Dream Act that will address DACA and the future of nearly 800,000 young immigrants brought to the US as children.  

“We are here to call again on Congress to use the power it was given by the people to pass legislation that protects Dreamers but does not put our families in danger.”

ANTHONY: The group, who call themselves the Walk to Stay Home, will reach Princeton New Jersey around 6pm on Saturday night and stay at the Nassau Presbyterian Church.

ANTHONY: Many black school children will be given free tickets this weekend to see a movie with a superhero that looks like them.  Black Panther, the latest movie from Marvel Comics hit theatres last night and is expected to take at least $145 million at the box office this weekend.  We’ll have more on that later.

ANTHONY:  Federal and state agencies including the FBI continue to investigate a death in Mississippi where a 21 year old African American man has been found dead hanging from a tree.  Some are attributing to suicide but the man’s family disagree and the NAACP are calling for a deeper investigation.

ANTHONY:  It’s a day of firsts for women in New York as the New York Botanical gardens appoint their first female president.  And in Staten Island, 9 year old Grace Gaffney became the first female to be admitted into the cub scouts.

ANTHONY: Stocks are up for the 6th day in a row after last week’s bumpy ride, it’s 54 degrees and raining in Central Park, for Columbia Radio News, I’m Augusta Anthony.


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