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Sanders to Fundraise Among Target Demographic in Bushwick

INTRO: Bernie Sanders is a favorite among young voters. And it was this popularity that helped him beat Hillary Clinton in the recent Democratic primary in New Hampshire. Sanders’ ability to connect with a young demographic may have something to do with his campaign’s strategies. Case in point: This evening in Bushwick, 40 artists will raise money for the former Brooklynite by spending a “Weekend” with Bernie. Elizabeth Brockway reports. BROCKWAY 1: Matt Starr is a 27-year-old new media artist and Bernie Sanders supporter. And, he says, he wants to do his part to help. STARR 1: I couldn’t support financially as much as I’d like to. But I have something that, to me, was more valuable than a financial donation. That was, like, my network of artists and creatives that I’m connected with. (0:11) BROCKWAY 2: So Starr set up, “Weekend With Bernie,” a group art show opening tonight. All the proceeds will go straight to the campaign. STARR 2: Everything, like, 100 percent goes to Bernie. And it’s super transparent. We’re going to have iPads. We’re gonna have his website up. Anybody who wants something will, like, donate straight to the campaign and they’ll get the art. (0:10) BROCKWAY 3: And it’s small donations, like the ones Starr hopes to raise this weekend, that sets Sanders apart from his rivals. And that’s a good thing, according to Will Tucker, the money and politics reporter at Because when it comes to large donations, control of the cash becomes an issue. TUCKER 1: That money is going to super pacs, outside groups. The distinction there is that these organizations are separate from the campaign and the campaign cannot coordinate with them. (0:12) BROCKWAY 4: More than other campaigns, Sanders’ campaign has encouraged supporters to give in small amounts – 5, 10, $15. TUCKER 2: Since the campaigns can direct that money however they see fit, it is certainly beneficial to receive small contributions because they can direct that money how they see fit by their campaign. (0:22) BROCKWAY 5: Starr, the young Brooklyn artists, says almost 1,000 people have RSVPed for tonight. Maybe because one of the highlights of the show is 9-foot bust of Bernie with a paper shredder for a mouth. STARR 3: You can stick your student loans in Bernie’s mouth and he’ll absolve all of them. What young person doesn’t want to say f*** you to student loans? (0:09) BROCKWAY 6: So for the Sanders campaign, some new donations may be coming their way this weekend. Elizabeth Brockway. Columbia Radio News.


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