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Queens Lawyer is Virtually Admitted to the NY State Bar

MEGAN CATTEL, HOST: And now, the latest installment of our series, Voices of the City. Today we hear from Louise Lingat, an attorney intern with the Administration for Children Services in Elmhurst, Queens. This month, she was sworn in virtually to the NY State Bar.

LOUISE LINGAT: A lot of the courts nowadays are doing their emergency cases on Skype.

I do family law. And a lot of the cases deal with children. Because even though we have this pandemic, unfortunately, the world can’t stop.

We don’t want something dangerous to happen or something horrible to happen to a child.

So when I could have the option of doing a virtual swearing-in, I said, yes.

My ceremony started at 1:30. I knew the dining room was where I wanted to be because they said no windows in the email. And I got dressed as if I was going in person because we had to dress up. That was part of one of the requirements.

My dad was sitting in my dining room and my sister too. My mom was in the bedroom.

But because there was a live stream, people from all over the world could watch. So my family back in the Philippines, they were able to watch family in Australia, they were able to watch. But after all of it, it's a nice feeling to have to finally be called an esquire. It’s a great feeling.


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