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Newscast II

From Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m Arianna Skibell.

Baltimore’s chief prosecutor has charged six police officers for the death of Freddie Gray — The black man who sustained a fatal spine injury while in police custody. Their crimes include murder and manslaughter. Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby:


The findings of our comprehensive, independent investigation, coupled with the medical examiners’ determination that Mr Gray’s death was a homicide has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges.

Mosby said the incident sickened her. The arrest was illegal and unwarranted in the first place.

Closer to home, federal prosecutors have announced indictments in the Washington Bridge lane closure scandal in New Jersey. Three former colleagues of Governor Chris Christie are accused of using their political influence to undermine a mayor who didn’t support Christie’s bid for reelection. Gregoire Molle reports.


IN: Governor Chris Christie

Out: Gregoire Molle, Columbia Radio News

It’s been nearly a week since the massive earthquake in Nepal killed more than 6,200 people. Rescue workers continue to look for survivors. The government says it will give the equivalent of $1,000 to the victim’s families and $400 for funeral costs. While rubble from fallen buildings still lines the streets of Kathmandu, slowly residents are packing up their tents and moving indoors, trying to resume daily routines.

Saudi-led airstrikes bombed Yemen’s capital today killing at least 20 civilians. This strike came after Yemen’s Shitte rebels attacked Saudi border posts last night, sparking fierce fighting that killed three Saudi troops and dozens of rebels. The Obama administration is growing increasingly worried over the Saudi-led military intervention. The U.N. said that at least 550 civilians have been killed since the fighting began in March.

It’s May Day, an international workers rights day. And left wing groups, governments and trade unions are staging rallies around the world. A few hundred peacefully gathered in Oakland, holding signs that read, “racism is a disease” and “Black lives matter.” In Turkey, demonstrators and police clashed as May Day supporters attempted to defy a ban and march to the iconic Taksim Square. But in Germany, police say the protests are calmer than they were in previous years.

A Pentagon survey released today says instances of sexual assault in the military have decreased by 27 percent. But the number of people reporting crimes has increased.  Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter says the reports’ findings at a press conference today.


IN: Compared to women…

OUT: multiple offenders.

It’s a big weekend for sports, with the Kentucky Derby kicking off tomorrow afternoon at 4. The Los Angeles Clippers face the San Antonio Spurs tomorrow night at 8pm, in the NBA playoffs game 7. And a historic boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pac-ee-ow will start sometime after the basketball game.

And don’t forget your shades this weekend. Partly cloudy tomorrow with a high of 68, and the sun will be out in full force Sunday with a high of 78 degrees.

For Columbia Radio News, I’m Arianna Skibell.


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