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Newscast I

In New York, I’m Sushmita Pathak.

Manhattan and the Bronx are under a flood warning until 4:30 today. Heavy rains are causing problems for the already strained infrastructure at Penn station. The main entrance to the station had to be shut down briefly but is now open. Two tracks of NJ Transit system are currently closed due to flooding.

Nicole Malliotakis officially announced this morning that she was running for New York City Mayor. Malliotakis is a Republican New York Assembly member representing Staten Island and Brooklyn. In her first press conference as a mayoral candidate, she criticized Mayor de Blasio for his stance on crime.

MALLIOTAKIS: He claims that crime is at an all-time low. But if you dig into those numbers, you’ll see that felony sex crimes, misdemeanor sex crimes, felony dangerous weapon crimes, felonies from criminal mischief and rape have all increased. (0:17)

This criticism comes just one day after the the mayor announced with fanfare that last month was the safest April in New York City’s history.

At CIty Hall this afternoon, Mayor de Blasio gathered with New York Congressional members to praise his administration’s lobbying efforts in securing reimbursement for costs incurred for President Trump’s security. The city will receive $68 million for securing Trump Tower during and after the election.

This morning on the Brian Lehrer show, de Blasio discussed the local implications of the Republican Healthcare bill that passed the House yesterday.

DeBlasio1: “It has a very direct, human impact on over a million New York City residents who got health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.” (0:09)

The Mayor says the bill would hurt New York’s public hospitals and clinics and affect an already stretched public health budget. He was particularly critical of one part of the bill, the Collin’s amendment which he says is discriminatory towards New York City residents.

It’s 55 degrees in Central Park and raining. Sushmita Pathak, Columbia Radio News.


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