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In New York, I’m Katie Ferguson. The city will be hit with freezing temperatures this weekend, with a wind chill as low as 20 below zero. Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued a Code Blue warning that extends through Sunday. During the Code Blue warning, the Department of Homeless Services will have response units helping to transport people to hospitals, shelters, and drop-in centers. Code Blue allows people who are homeless or in need of assistance to seek refuge at any of the city’s homeless shelters, bypassing the usual intake and eligibility requirements. Temperatures this low can be especially life threatening for seniors, infants, and people will cardiovascular or lung conditions.

Anticipation about those below freezing temperatures this weekend has led to the cancellation of one New York City event — Central Park’s Ice Festival. Organizers said the weather will simply be too cold.

The snow itself wouldn’t be a problem. It’s the wind predicted for Saturday, particularly right you know at the height of the event and the aftermath that made us make this decision.

The Festival will not be rescheduled.

Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced revisions to his plan to keep juveniles out of adult prisons. A draft of his budget for the upcoming year aims to direct most 16 and 17-year old juvenile defendants to new youth sections of state criminal courts. The change could mean 700 more beds at juvenile detention centers.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign released an emotional ad this afternoon featuring the daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner.

Ferguson_Sanders_NC1: No one gets to see their parents last moments and I was able to see my dad die on national TV. (0:07)

This endorsement comes as Sanders seeks to increase his support amongst voters of color. Prominent black intellectual Ta-Nehisi Coates announced his support for Sanders this week. The Democratic primary contest will take place on February 27.

Just one week after the collapse of a massive crane in Tribeca, Mayor de Blasio has announced that the city will quadruple fines following serious construction accidents and will mandate new supervision at sites. The Department of Buildings has invested $120 million in an ongoing project to improve safety at construct sites. The investigation into last Friday’s crane collapse is ongoing. Katie Ferguson, Columbia Radio News.


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