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Local Newscast - May 13, 2021 - Cat Smith

CAT SMITH, BYLINE: From Columbia Radio News, I'm Cat Smith.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that the federal government has approved plans for four new Metro North train stops in the east Bronx. He said the new stations will dramatically slash commuting times for underserved neighborhoods and residents who work downtown.

ANDREW CUOMO: It is going to be transformative for these communities. They are going to be transformed. The entire Bronx, the entire region.

SMITH: The governor said the new stations will open in 2025.

Today marks the last day of the holy month of Ramadan. But worshippers who arrived at the Tayba Islamic Center in Brooklyn for morning prayers today found the entrance vandalized with blue spray paint. The NYPD’s hate crime unit is investigating.

And on Wednesday, authorities in Florida apprehended a man suspected of injuring three people in a shooting in Times Square last weekend. Today, the man appeared before a Florida judge who ordered him to be held without bail, pending an extradition hearing.

The City is rolling out new incentives to encourage more New Yorkers to get vaccinated against Covid-19. For the next month, Shake Shack restaurants will offer free burgers and fries when you show your vaccine card. Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement today while chowing down on some fast food.

DE BLASIO: Some people love hamburgers, some don’t, I really want to respect all ways of life -- but if this is appealing to you, I want you to think about this when you think of vaccination. Mmmm!

SMITH: New York state vaccination rate dropped 41% in the last month. The Shake Shack offer is one of a slew designed to drive up those numbers. We’ll have more on that later in the show.

Weather today. 68 and sunny uptown, with those early summer vibes. Highs in the 70s the next few days.

Cat Smith, Columbia Radio News.

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