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‘Leaplings’ to Celebrate Special Birthday


GAMBA: Amanda Delshad  will be 28 on Monday, or if you are striving for accuracy, she will be 7. She felt special because she was born on a leap day.  But later it became more of an irritation.

DELSHAD: When I was a little bit older, like in my late teens early twenties, it was kind of annoying cause I felt like people called me on the 28 and then march 1st, and I never really felt like either of those days were my birthday.

GAMBA: Even Facebook gets it wrong.

DELSHAD: So Facebook, actually, I’m able to put in February 29, but Facebook will tell everybody that February 28 is my birthday.

GAMBA: The bad thing is that they can only celebrate their birthdays every one thousand four hundred sixty days. But the good thing is that this year they will be able to enjoy some discounts.

DELSHAD: Is that really a thing?

GAMBA: It is a thing. Leaplings — that’s what some people who are born on February 29th call themselves -, will have good sales, hotel discounts and free meals.

JAPUR: What’s going to happen is that on the 29th of February.

GAMBA: Japur is the manager of Pizza Hut at Penn Station. He says leap babies just have to show their ids.

JAPUR: Anybody that was born on a leap year, which usually gets a birthday every four years, this year will get a free personal pan pizza.

But there is the catch.

DAWN: I’m 56 years old, but it’s my 14th birthday. So we say, 14 at 56.

GAMBA: Raenell Dawn is the co-founder of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies, a club where leaplings meet.

DAWN: Many leap day babies, their ID will say February 28 or march 1st because the DMV computer system didn’t recognize leap day and they were forced to put the wrong birthday on their driver’s license.

GAMBA: On leap day, Dawn will read a couple of leap year books at her grandson Calvin’s elementary school.

DAWN: Well, I volunteer at Calvin’s elementary school and I’m going to be reading books to the children and their families.

GAMBA: Leap discounts are not limited for leaplings. Jet blue has discounts for people who fly on Monday and Naehli,  Krispy kreme’s manager says if you pass by Penn Station, you can get a lot of doughnuts.

NAEHLI: For leap day, we’re having buy one dozen, get a dozen original glaze for #2.29.

GAMBA: And maybe calories wont count either. Laura Gamba, Columbia Radio News.


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