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Full broadcast March 7, 2014


Friday March 7th, 2014


CHRIS: It’s Friday, March 7th and you are listening to Uptown Radio. I’m Chris Mossa

MARIE: And I’m Marie Shabaya. On today’s show: The political situation in Ukraine is sinking the country’s economy.

AX: “They are broke. They are bankrupt.”

CHRIS: The number of people dying from heroin overdoses is up in New York City. Lawmakers are scrambling to find solutions clinicians say will help the rising epidemic.

AX: “Increasing the criminal penalties is exactly the opposite of what we need            to be doing right now.

MARIE: More parents are thinking about opting out of standardized testing. They say it makes their kids too anxious.

AX: “It’s not just a handful of kids that are experiencing these effects, it’s everywhere, and every parent feels this.”

CHRIS: And the Allman Brothers Band kicks off their last run of shows tonight at the Beacon Theater.

MARIE: All that and more on Uptown Radio. But first, the news.


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