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Full broadcast February 14, 2014


Friday February 14, 2014

POPPIE: It’s Friday, February 14th on Uptown Radio. Welcome to our first broadcast of 2014. I’m Poppie Mphuthing.

CLAIRE: And I’m Claire Pires. On today’s show… the FDA has launched its first ever anti-smoking campaign. It’s aimed directly at today’s teenagers.

AX: “Each generation of youth requires its own special marketing.” (0:04)

POPPIE: We’re covering the massive shift in New York’s marijuana laws. Brooklyn’s new District Attorney is changing how people are charged for possessing small amounts of the drug.

AX: In 2012, over 12,000 people were arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana, mostly young black men. (0:10)

CLAIRE: And Marvel Comics welcomes a reimagined superhero, Miz Marvel. She’s Pakistani-American and Muslim.

AX: “I never thought I’d see someone who looks like me in a comic book.” (0:06)

POPPIE: All that and more on Uptown Radio. But first, the news.


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