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Farewell to Leonard Nimoy

 Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore – Flickr

Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek’s Spock, has died. The cause was pulmonary heart disease. He was 83.

Spock was the half human, half Vulcan first officer of the Starship Enterprise. And Nimoy turned him into a cultural treasure. Starkly logical but still empathetic, Spock explored what it means to be human.

His character was the unlikely best friend of Captain James Kirk, and he immortalized the split-fingered Vulcan salute.

Nimoy was friendly with Star Trek’s fiercely loyal fans, but also sought a life beyond pointy ears and slanted eyebrows. He wrote two autobiographies: “I Am Not Spock,” and then 20 years later, another: “I am Spock.”

He also wrote poems and music, some of it silly but still beloved by fans.

He performed spoken word on stage and directed two “Star Trek movies: The Search for Spock, and The Voyage Home.

And light-years away from sci-fi, he directed the successful comedy ‘Three Men and a Baby’.

Though he’s now moved on to new frontiers, the memory of Leonard Nimoy will endure.


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