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Crane Collapses in Tribeca, Killing One and Injuring Three

INTRO: A crane collapsed in Tribeca earlier today, killing one and injuring three. A typically quiet morning in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood was interrupted by sirens as rescue workers rushed to the scene. Elizabeth Brockway and Henriette Chacar report.

Theresa Kemp was on her way to work when she heard the crash.

KEMP: It was a loud boom. You know, it was so much of vibration. It’s, like, you can say like an earthquake or something. (0:10)

BROCKWAY: Nicholi White was also at the scene. He was delivering groceries for Fresh Direct just before 8:30 when he witnessed the accident.

WHITE: I saw the red metal crane coming crashing down the street. It was a big sound. Everybody stopped and starred at what happened. I ran to the scene and I saw the crane on top of four cars. (0:13)

BROCKWAY: The crane had been at the site since last week, as workers repaired the air conditioning units and generators for an Art Deco office building at the corner of Worth and Hudson Streets. For passersby, there was shock and anxiety.

WHITE: We work here mostly everyday and we walk under that crane. It’s crazy how today it just suddenly collapsed like that. It’s crazy. (0:12)

The impact of the fall was enough to cause a water main break, as well as a gas leak. Mayor DeBlasio addressed the media saying that this time safety regulations are not to blame.

DeBLASIO: This was a company that was putting their crane into the secure position, as we would have wanted them to that we inspected as recently as yesterday. (0:09)

BROCKWAY: Strong winds from this morning’s snowfall may be the cause of the accident. But an investigation is still ongoing. For now, over 500 feet of metal block Worth Street. Elizabeth Brockway, Columbia Radio News.


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