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Commentary on Community Service

A recent study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that nearly four out of five millenials, those ages 18-34, have not dedicated any time volunteering in the past year. Commentator and millennial, Tyler Daniels reflects on his experience volunteering as a teenager. ————-

Volunteer Squads are pretty common in Northern Jersey. My hometown offered stipends pay for the EMT course –and all the kids I knew who had taken the course seemed to enjoy it.

I started to think that the first time I responded to the tones and I knew the patient… well – I can’t really say much more than that – wouldn’t want to violate the HIPAA law.

I kept riding throughout college though – and I gained some of my closest friends through doing so.

I’ve now transitioned from healthcare provider to journalist –

And I’m so busy I barely have time to sleep – let alone volunteer. I’ve become just another millennial – Trying to pay my dues throughout my 20s.

But I often find myself still thinking like a first responder. I’ll walk in a building and note the presence or lack AEDs on the walls. And I constantly speculate how I’d respond to hypothetical emergencies – should something like the little old lady in front of me on the subway collapse in chest pain.

So While I may be just another statistic– I know that I am where I am today because of my time volunteering

I’ll be back out there soon.


Tyler still gets questioned as to whether or not he’s in high school.

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