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Closing arguments wrap in McMillan trial

Cecil McMillan seen here at a 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park.

Cecily McMillan seen here at a 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

HILLARY: Closing arguments in the assault trial of Cecily McMillan wrapped up today. She is an Occupy Wall Street activist charged with assaulting an NYPD officer on Saint Patrick’s Day, in Zuccotti Park as protesters remembered the Occupation.

CHRIS: Prosecutors argue she has a history of confronting cops but Mcmillan says she is advocate for non-violence and that she threw back her elbow after she was groped by someone she didn’t know. Columbia Radio News Poppie Mphuthing joins us now from the Manhattan Supreme Court.


HOST: Poppie, where do things stand in the trial right now?

HOST: The defense summed up the case this morning – what do they have to say?

HOST: The prosecution wrapped up its case this afternoon. Tell us about that.

HOST: What was it like in the courtroom?

HOST: If the jury does come back with a guilty verdict. What is the possible sentence? (she’s looking at up to seven years in prison)


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