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A COVID Nurse in New York City

CAITLIN ROBERTS: Most of the time, the nurses are the only people that are going in the rooms. The doctors don't even go in the rooms. So we're stuck in those rooms for like hours at a time.

ANYA SCHULTZ: Caitlin Roberts, former pediatric nurse, currently taking care of adult COVID patients, Weill Cornell, New York Presbyterian Hospital.

ROBERTS: I’ve never taken care of an intubated patient until this week. I put a surgical cap on my head. I put my goggles on and I have a surgical mask on. And then when I'm going into the rooms, I'm putting a protective gown on and I'm putting my N95 mask on with a surgical mask over it. And then after I put all of it on then I put a second surgical cap on. And then two pairs of gloves. In February I had like two trips. I went planes four times and now I wouldn't even think of doing that. I became a nurse because I wanted to help people and people need my help right now. But, I love working with kids. I can wait until we can go back to our normal unit and working with kids.


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