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Police used violence, protestors say

Police, removing press from Columbia campus. Photo: Fahima Degia.

HOST, FAHIMA DEGIA: This is Fahima Degia. I'm standing on 113th and Broadway where press like me and legal observers were pushed away from covering the arrest here. I spoke to protesters who were standing outside Hamilton Hall to protect protesters inside by creating a human chain. They told me that police were violent, including pushing a protester against a wall, throwing two protesters on the concrete ground, not giving people medical attention when they needed it.

Sources said people were maced and one person fell down the stairs. One source said police tried to separate them and they heard sounds of chainsaws taking apart the barricades. Another tactic I was told that police used was making people think they were getting arrested than letting them go. Students and press are waiting outside to get back into campus. This is a developing story.


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