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New York Moments - April 15, 2021

KAREN MANIRAHO, Host: And now from our series New York Moments

Lisa Orman: It’s gorgeous. Lots of people out.

RENEE RODEN, Byline: Meet Lisa Orman, your friendly neighborhood bike activist. She’s picking up a Citi Bike from the station at West 100th and Broadway.

ORMAN: Watching that whole station is like a little microcosm of life. It's very interesting. You know, older couples out on a bike ride together, and then like a bunch of young kids, like totally excited about the electric bikes. And just chatting with people. It's you see how fun it is and exciting, especially in the spring.

RODEN: Orman takes her bike for a spin in Riverside Park

ORMAN: Yeehaw!


MANIRAHO: You're listening to Uptown Radio from Columbia Radio News. Podcast available Thursdays at 5pm.


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