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Local Newscast, April 28


From Columbia Radio News, I’m Julian Abraham with local headlines

If you live in a rent-stabilized apartment in New York City…your rent may be going up.

The Rent Guidelines Board is proposing the hike.

They say that landlords need to recover from missed payments during the pandemic.

The rent increase could be anywhere from two-point-seven to nine per cent, depending on how long the lease is.

The board is scheduled to do a preliminary vote on May fifth, with public hearings and a second vote in June.

Job postings in New York City will soon have to include the salary range of the position.

The new law has already been approved, but the city council will vote next Thursday on when it should go into effect.

The implementation is expected to be postponed for at least five months – after resistance from employers.

Similar laws already exist in other parts of the country, like Nevada and Connecticut.

Lawyers for the man accused of the Brooklyn subway shooting say he was improperly questioned after being arrested.

They say 62-year-old Frank James had his DNA sampled and was questioned by the FBI without the presence of legal counsel.

James is accused of the shooting attack on a Brooklyn N-train earlier this month that injured ten people.

If convicted, he will face a possible life sentence.

A baby boy is in the hospital after police say his mother dropped him off of a balcony.

Police say it happened just before five A.M. today on 51st street in Brooklyn.

The baby is six months old, and has severe injuries on the left side of his body after being dropped from the second floor.

Police say they took the 29-year-old mother to the WILE-Cornell medical centre for psychiatric evaluation.

It’s sunny and 56 degrees in New York City

It’s windy and extremely dry and the national weather service has issued a warning about the possibility of wildfires.

Tomorrow is expected to be sunny and warmer. Highs around 63 degrees.

The weekend is shaping up to be clear and sunny.

For Columbia Radio News, I’m Julian Abraham


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