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Electric Eels After School: A Longtime Fishkeeper Reflects

DAVE LUND: My job was to scrub tanks, get them ready for the next shipment of fish to come in. We’d have to pack fish, catch ‘em, count ‘em, bag ‘em.

MEGAN ZEREZ, REPORTER: Retired aquarium keeper, Dave Lund, recalls his first job tending fish when he was in high school.

LUND: Sunday nights were the most special. Because that’s when the fish from South America came in.

So the electric eel came in. And it was huge! The biggest net we had was maybe like a foot wide, maybe nine inches deep with a metal frame around it.

Well, I was tasked with catch the electric eel, put it in a bucket, you know, we have a buyer.

Well, I got shocked. The boss caught the eel with the same net -- only he had rubber gloves on.

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