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What the $15 minimum wage means for New Yorkers

Host Intro: Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature finalized the state budget early this morning – just hours after the official deadline. The more than 700 page budget outlines nearly one-hundred-fifty billion dollars  in spending. Cuomo backed off on a plan to cut state funding for CUNY schools – but increased funding for school aid by one and a half billion. And – his biggest victory – winning the right to raise  the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

BISAHA_COUMO_ACTS: The raising the minimum wage in and of itself is a very progressive, very fair and appropriate initiative. (0:10)

Our reporter Stephen Bisaha has been looking into what this new budget means for New Yorkers. Stephen, what have you learned about that minimum wage increase?

BISAHA: It’s all about compromise. Because while  New York City will see the full increase by 2020, the rest of New York will see a slower roll out over the next six years. I spoke with Former New York State Democratic Assembly Member Richard Brodsky and he says that minimum wage compromise hurts New Yorkers upstate.


IN: “I think that the notion that Upstate can’t afford that….”

OUT: “You’re welcome.”

TIME: 3:32


HOST: Stephen Bisaha is a reporter for Uptown Radio.

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