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Voices of the City: A Surgeon Overseeing Ventilator Patients At New York Presbyterian Hospital

TAY GLASS, HOST: And now, the latest installment of our series, Voices of the City.

SUSANNAH HILLS: I’m feeling a little bit anxious about the day just cuz i don’t ever know quite what’s gonna happen.

LUCAS BRADY WOODS, BYLINE: Dr. Susannah Hills, head and neck surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

HILLS: Taking care of these tracheostomy, breathing tube patients with COVID is about 99% of my job right now. We’re trying to manage 115 tracheostomies. So yeah we’ll see. I’m pulling up to the hospital now. I’ll check in with you later.

Heart monitor beeping, crowd assembling, crowd cheering.

HILLS: One of our patients just got their tracheostomy breathing tube out, so we’re all celebrating, dancing in the hallway.

Crowd dispersing, heart monitor beeping.

HILLS: Well, I am on my way home from the hospital right now. Um, two weeks ago, it seemed like things were just gonna keep getting worse and now we're actually seeing patients get out of the intensive care units and that is just such a huge relief.

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