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Top of the Hour Newscast with Ali Swenson

SWENSON 1:  From Columbia Radio News, in New York, I’m Ali Swenson.

The state of New York is preparing to criminally charge Paul Manafort if the president pardons his former campaign chairman. Manafort is scheduled for federal sentencing next month for tax and bank fraud.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made his first public comments today on the collapse of New York City’s deal with Amazon.


What happened is the greatest tragedy that I have seen since I have been in government. 

As a guest on Northeast Public Radio, he blamed state senators for the deal falling apart. Senate Democrats say Cuomo is attempting to divide their party.

Members of a civil rights organization are protesting outside the Gucci flagship store in Manhattan this afternoon. The National Action Network says it wants to hold the luxury brand accountable. Last week, Gucci was accused of racism for a sweater that critics said resembled blackface.   

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is asking for a new trial. Guzman was convicted last week of a litany of drug and conspiracy charges. A lawyer for Guzman says his client wants the new trial because of reports that the jury had been tainted. One of the jurors told Vice News that they had read media coverage during the trial.

The National Transportation Safety Board yesterday released the results of an investigation into a 2017 charter bus crash in Queens. The bus ran a red light and hit a city bus, killing three people. According to the safety board, a thermos falling near the brake pedal may be to blame.

A tanker truck crashed this morning on a New Jersey highway, spilling thousands of gallons of fuel. Local businesses had to be evacuated. Officials say parts of Route 9 will be closed through the afternoon.

An eight-month-old baby is safe today after her stroller rolled onto the subway tracks at 72nd Street and Broadway. A subway operator spotted the rogue stroller on the tracks yesterday and notified authorities to stop trains. The baby is reportedly fine, with just a bump on her head. Later in our show, we’ll have more on how lawmakers want to make subways safer.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will travel to meet-and-greet appearances in Iowa this weekend. The trip is further stoking suspicions that he could announce a 2020 presidential run.

It’s 44 degrees and sunny in Central Park. Colder temps are expected tomorrow, with rain in the forecast Sunday. The L train will be partially out of service from Friday night to Monday morning, but will run as usual between Broadway Junction and Canarsie.

For Columbia Radio News, I’m Ali Swenson.

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