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The Mayor of 89th Street


How did I get this reputation as mayor of 89th street? There’s a great movie called Harold and Maude. Have you ever seen it?

SHUKLA: This is David Ehrlich, who everybody on the block considers the mayor of West 89th Street.


It’s great. It’s made in the early ‘70s, just like the Dirty Harry movies.

And it’s an 80-year-old woman has an… a romance with a 20-year-old kid, from like, Hillsborough, and at one point, he says to her, he says, “Maude, you’re so good with people.” She’s 80, Holocaust survivor, but they don’t play that up. And she says, “well, they’re my species.”

Sometimes, listen, no matter how much you’re the mayor, (laughs) you see people walking, zig-zagging, crossing the street to avoid… because people are busy. They’re always busy in New York. I always say, “you have leave earlier, in case you run into me.”

But it’s um… they’re my species!

SHUKLA: You’re listening to Columbia Radio News. Online, Fridays at 4.


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