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Local Newscast: Mar. 24

From Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m Rebekah Robinson


New York’s iconic yellow taxis are about to be listed on the Uber app.

The city’s 14,000 cabs will start to be available through the app later this spring.

New York’s taxi industry has been at odds with rideshare apps since they were first introduced. Under the plan, Taxi riders who hail the cab via Uber will pay the Uber price –

Not what it says on the meter. Uber has already listed cabs on its platform in other markets including Spain, South Korea, and Germany.


Athletes and entertainers in New York will no longer be subject to the city’s vaccine mandate. New York City Mayor Eric Adams made that announcement today.

He says the shift will even the playing field for New York teams and help with the city’s economic recovery.

The exception will allow unvaccinated Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving to finally play home games.


New York City lost over 300,000 people from its population in the first full year of the pandemic. That’s according to new census data released today.

New York topped the list of metropolitan areas with the highest exodus.

It was followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago


The states of New Jersey and New York will still have to work together in fighting crime on the waterfront.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that at least for now. New Jersey can’t unilaterally withdraw from the Waterfront Commission.

Jersey claimed that organized crime has already been driven from their port operations –

and they wanted to go it alone.

New York says that if the commission is disbanded, criminals will just waltz back in.


Wall Street executives received bonuses averaging over 250 thousand dollars.

That’s according to State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

He says that record Wall Street profits last year led to workers receiving an average 20 percent increase in bonuses.

This will allow the state to raise more income tax revenue than had been expected,


The NBA regular season is winding down. The Knicks will take on the Miami Heat tomorrow at 8pm in an away game.


It’s 45 degrees and a rainy day here in Upper Manhattan. The rain will continue into tonight, but we should see some sun tomorrow.

Rebekah Robinson. Columbia Radio News

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