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Newscast I

From Columbia Radio News in New York, this is Anjuli Sastry.

A 50-year-old man appears to have been killed and two people injured after a Long Island fire in the town of Roosevelt destroyed a home early Friday morning. Fire officials say the cause of the fire appears to be an overloaded electrical connection. Officials say there were no smoke detectors in the house. There were 10 adult occupants but no children.

Allies of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez have launched a social media campaign to help him fight federal corruption charges. Menendez pleaded not guilty to accepting nearly $1 million in gifts and campaign donations, in exchange for political favors.

Menendez was released without bail and is tentatively set to appear in court July 13.

There was a possible security breach at a Kennedy Airport checkpoint early this morning. TSA workers pursued a suspected truck thief as he ran through the airport. He was then restrained by a pilot. The area has now been declared safe.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters may be heading to Brooklyn. A source close to the campaign said Clinton signed a lease today for two floors in a Brooklyn Heights building. Clinton is expected to announce her plans to run for president soon.

A federal appeals court will not reconsider a ruling that appeared to narrow the definition of insider trading. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a one-paragraph ruling today turning down a petition from the office of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to reevaluate a December court ruling on insider trading. Observers say their ruling will negatively impact prosecutors’ ability to pursue insider trading cases. A Philadelphia woman was arrested today on charges that she planned to help the self-declared Islamic state group.  This follows the arrest and charge yesterday of two women living in Queens in a plot to build a homemade bomb and using it for a Boston Marathon-type attack.

The two women appeared in court Thursday afternoon and were held without bail.

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible from the city starting at 5 tomorrow morning. Highs into the 60’s for the holiday weekend with heavy showers for the rest of the tonight in New York.

Anjuli Sastry, Columbia Radio News.

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