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From Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m Hanna Klingberg.

The judge in the Etan Patz case has declared a mistrial after jurors announced for a third time they were deadlocked. 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared 36 years ago. Jurors have been deliberating the case against Pedro Hernandez since April 15. Hernandez made a confession in 2012 but his lawyers say he’s too mentally ill to know.

Thousands of police officers from around the country lined the streets outside Officer Brian Moore’s funeral Long Island this morning.

Commissionner Bratton: I posthumously promote Police Officer Brian Moore, shield 469 to Detective First Grade of the New York City Police Department.

Police Commissioner Bratton honored officer Moore during the service.

The 25-year-old officer died Monday, two days after he was shot in the head in Queens. The suspect is being held without bail. A posthumous promotion is common practise in New York. It allows additional benefits for Moore’s family.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is sending state emergency crews to fight a wildfire in Greene County in the Hudson Valley. The governor’s office says the fire, which started yesterday is now 30% contained. Personnel from the State Police, Office of Emergency Management and other agencies will assist local first responders.

Officials from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York announced today that it’s beginning the second phase of its consolidation process. As of August first, Mass will no longer be celebrated on a regular basis at six additional churches.

The first phase of the consolidation in November. When the process is complete, the Archdiocese will have closed 72 churches around the city.

The weather this evening will stay sunny, with temperatures in the low 70s. The weather will stay bright and warm throughout Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Hanna Klingberg, Columbia Radio News.

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