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New HIV/AIDS cure possible: Chris Mossa interviews Dr. Hanna Gay

SHABAYA: The world received exciting news yesterday — a second baby born with H.I.V. may have been cured of the virus that causes AIDS. Researchers announced that a California baby that began aggressive drug treatment only 30 hours after birth, showed no signs of the virus at  9 months.

MOSSA: Later this year, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases will conduct a clinical trial in which up to 60 babies will receive the treatment. Earlier today I spoke with Dr. Hannah Gay from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She’s the doctor who treated the first baby cured last year. I asked her why she thinks these treatments are working.

MOSSA BACK ANNOUNCE: Dr. Hanna Gay is a pediatrician at the university of Mississippi Medical center.She treated the first baby cured of HIV last year.

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