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Local Newscast, Feb. 9, 2023

TRAN, VI - NEWSCASTER: From Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m Vi Tran.

Students are rallying at the city’s education department headquarters in lower Manhattan this afternoon, demanding there should be more Black history taught in New York City schools.

They wanted to learn more about Black History throughout their education and not just during Black History Month.

The protest was organized by the New York City chapter Black Lives Matter at School … and there will be similar protests around the country. The students are also asking for mental health support instead of school safety agents… and more Black teachers.

A funeral for an NYPD officer who was killed last weekend started this afternoon at a Mosque in Midwood, Brooklyn.

Officer Adeed Fayaz, 26, died Tuesday at Brookdale University Hospital after being shot last weekend while off duty. Fayaz was a married father with two young children.

Although he was off-duty, Officer Fayaz was granted the solemn ritual of a line-of-duty death.

His friends, family, and colleagues lined Coney Island Avenue ahead of the service to say their goodbyes.

The funeral drew hundreds of mourners to the mosque in Brooklyn.

NY Fashion Week is back and will kick off tomorrow Friday, February 10. But you can catch two pre-shows this evening.

Christian Siriano, the New York Italian Project Runway Season 4 winner, has a runway fashion show offsite today at 5 pm.

And Victor De Souza, the New York Argentine designer, has his offsite runway fashion show at 8 pm.

Frances Solá-Santiago, a fashion writer at online publication Refinery29, told Reuters that

"Gen Z and TikTok is very prone to weird items and that the weirder, the better"

The year’s fashion show will last until next Wednesday.

Vi Tran, Columbia Radio News.

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