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Local Newscast: Feb. 17

REBEKAH ROBINSON: From Columbia Radio News, I’m Rebekah Robinson

A New York state judge ruled this afternoon that Former President Trump and his children must appear to testify in an ongoing case about the Trump organization’s finances.

The Trumps are required to testify in the case within the next 21 days.

The court also ruled that the former President and his children Ivanka and Donald Jr. must provide documents as required by subpoenas issued by the State Attorney General.


Mayor Eric Adams has released his preliminary budget for the 2023 fiscal year.

Most city agencies will see a 3 percent cut as the city government works to decrease its overall spending.

New York City public schools will face budget cuts over the next few years as they grapple with a pandemic-related decline in student enrollment.

The mayor’s preliminary budget does not plan to increase police spending.

Other agencies that are protected from budget reductions include the Correction Department and the Health Department.


Governor Kathy Hochul has announced today a new grant proposal to transition workers from marginalized communities into clean energy jobs.

The grant seeks 25 million dollars in support from the federal government.

This initiative is part of New York state’s ongoing commitment to fighting climate change as outlined in the Climate Act from 2019.


New York State lawmakers yesterday passed a bill that would expand the licensing process for cannabis cultivation and distribution.

The new rules would allow growers to apply for licenses to grow marijuana in greenhouses or to cultivate plants outdoors.

Other rules, going into effect in 2023 would allow cannabis products to be sold.

The legislation also includes requirements that growers participate in social equity and environmental sustainability initiatives.

The bill will now go to Gov Hochul for consideration.


Dancing dragons and firecrackers will dazzle Chinatown this weekend. The City’s Lunar New Year parade and festival returns. New Yorkers will take to lower Manhattan to ring in the Year of The Tiger.


Rebekah Robinson, Columbia Radio News

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