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Asabe Vincent-Otiono newscast two February 21, 2014

From New York–I’m Asabe Vincent-Otiono and this is Columbia Radio News

White House press secretary Jay Carney ppraised an agreement that could end the conflict in Ukraine, and called on Russia to do more.

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IN: So, I think that reflects what the…

OUT:…of the Ukrainian people. (9 seconds)

Meanwhile, the US State department has issued a travel advisory for all citizens to defer non- essential travel to Ukraine. Due to escalating violence between police and anti-government protesters, family of US personnel in the country are also urged to leave . The American embassy in Kiev will remain open but emergency assistance to Americans in the country will be limited.

President Barack Obama met with the Dalai Lama earlier today, drawing high condemnation from the Chinese government. The pair have met twice since 2010 in spite of similar objections from Beijing. White House spokesman Jay Carney shared the United States’ opinion of the conflict.

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IN: It’s in Russia’s interest

OUT: …as a means to reduce tension. (14 seconds)

The Tibetan spiritual and political leader has been in exile for over five decades, fleeing a failed uprising against the Chinese government in 1959.

Arizona has passed a bill allowing business owners to refuse service to gays. Democrats called the proposal “state-sanctioned discrimination.” Republicans and supporters of the bill say that there has been growing hostility toward religion and this legislation is about protecting religious freedom rather than discrimination. Similar legislation has been introduced in Ohio, Mississippi, South Dakota, Idaho, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that his administration will remove 400 children from two shelters. Inspectors have cited the Auburn Family Residence in Fort Greene Brooklyn and Catherine street Shelter in Lower Manhattan as unfit for children. The Auburn shelter was cited for over 400 violations including presence of vermin, mould and the presence of sexual predators. Both shelters would be renovated to adult only shelters.

Mayor also denied allegations that his SUV was caught driving recklessly. CBS captured footage Thursday of the mayor sitting passenger seat in an SUV on its way to City Hall. The video shows the vehicle speeding, changing lanes without signaling, and running two stop signs.

This happened just two days after de Blasio announced his “Vision Zero” plan to crackdown on bad drivers and put an end to pedestrian fatalities. In Tokyo, more than 200 Anne Frank books have been vandalized .

The books include Anne Frank’s ‘The Diary of a Young Girl and other World War Two-era literature. Frank’s diary made her a symbol for the suffering of Jews in World War Two. Police are currently investigating. NBC reporter Garrick Utley has died of cancer at the age of 73. He joined NBC in 1963 and  worked there for over three decades. He was the host on NBC’s Meet the Press . The Weather is improving. There will be some clouds in the morning which will give way to sunny skies. It’s predicted to be 52 Fahrenheit and a 0 percent chance of rain.

For Columbia Radio News, I’m Asabe Vincent-Otiono.


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