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New York Moments - April 29, 2021

MEGEN ZEREZ, HOST: And now the next installment in our series, New York moments.


LEADER: We are gonna march. We are gonna take it to the streets and I want y'all to keep this energy. I want y'all to be loud.

WILFORD : Well, we actually, you just having dinner with just found this peaceful protest test and we just really want it to be a part of it. They live down the street and one of the best ways to walk home.

RENÉE RODEN, BYLINE: Meredith Wilford is here at a Black Lives Matter rally in Hell's Kitchen with her seven- year-old daughter.

WILFORD: And, you know, there's only so much, you can really explain at that age, but we just explain how important this was. And I look forward to talking to her more.

ACTIVIST: I want y’all to do more. I want y’all to come out here so I don't have to worry about my kids. So I don't got to worry about my son getting shot.

WILFORD: I think she's a little overwhelmed at this point. it's more conversations,

more talks, and I know her questions will come once she starts processing.

ACTIVIST: We're going to bring some energy in here. Black lives?




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