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Local Newscast: Mar. 3

DAVID NEWTOWN, BYLINE: From Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m David Newtown.

New Wind Port Facility in Brooklyn

At a Brooklyn press conference today Mayor Adams announced a new development he says will make New York City a major hub in the offshore wind industry.

MAYOR ERIC ADAMS: The South Brooklyn Marine Terminal is soon to be transformed into one of the largest offshore wind port facilities in the nation.

NEWTOWN: The City will partner with Equinor, a wind-development company, to retrofit the Terminal to construct turbine parts needed for off-shore wind farms.

The development is part of a 15-year plan the city announced last fall. The City says the plan will cost up to 200 million dollars. New York State and New York City have pledged to get 70% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Democrats Redistricting Stands

According to a judge’s decision today, New York can hold elections this year using Democrat-drawn maps, even if those maps are deemed unconstitutional. The reason County Court Judge Patrick McAllister gave for his decision is that there isn’t enough time to redraw the districts before the June primary.

Republicans had argued in a lawsuit that the districts were gerrymandered to benefit Democrats and harm GOP voters. Judge McAllister says the lawsuit may continue, though, and he could call for new elections next year if he determines the maps were improperly drawn.

Mask Mandates Continue for NYC Schoolkids Under 5

Today the city announced it’s extending the masking requirement for children under the age of 5 at New York City public schools. A decision hasn’t yet been made on whether the City will lift its mask mandate for students 6 years and older as well as staff and teachers. According to Amaris Cockfield, a spokesperson for the Mayor, the Department of Education will continue to offer masks for students, teachers and staff. As of yesterday, the state no longer requires masking in schools.

Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat

The Brooklyn Nets face the Miami Heat tonight at 7:30 PM in a home game. The Nets, eighth in the Eastern Conference, have lost their last three home games and are hoping to pick up a win against the Heat, currently first in the Eastern Conference.


It’s 40 degrees and sunny in Manhattan. Expect clear skies tomorrow, with rain coming over in the weekend.

This is David Newtown, Columbia Radio News

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