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Local Newscast: Apr. 14, 2022

From Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m Julian Abraham.

The suspect in Tuesday’s subway shooting, appeared in court today. He was charged with a federal terrorism offense and held without bail. We’ll have more on that story later in today’s show.


New York’s Attorney General is launching a probe to determine whether New Yorkers were paying much more than they should have for gasoline over the last month.

Tish James’ probe will seek to determine whether oil companies were practicing price gouging when they jacked up fuel prices after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Also in state politics, lawmakers are considering making a rule that allows them to remove people from the ballot if they’re charged with a crime.

This comes after Lt Governor Brian Benjamin’s resignation related to his arrest for fraud.

As the law stands now, even though Benjamin has resigned, Kathy Hochul would not be able to remove him as her running mate in the Democratic Primaries unless he died, moved out of state, or ran for another office.

Three men who follow the Sikh (seek) religion have been attacked in the same Queens neighborhood recently.

The attacks were in Richmond Hill over the last few weeks.

All of the men attacked are over the age of 60. The NYPD is investigating the incidents as possible hate crimes. Sikhs are often identifiable by their colorful turbans and have been the subject of hate attacks in the past.

Columbia University president Lee Bollinger is stepping down next year.

Bollinger, who has a background as a first amendment lawyer, will finish his term in May of 2023.

He has been leading the University for twenty years.

A bit of a mix-up at the Yankees game last night, where a radio announcer falsely declared a home run.

Announcer clip: “And it’s gone!!....and it’s caught! I thought for sure that was gone.”

Well-known play-by-play host John Sterling was calling the game when he made the mixup.

The final score of the game was 6 for the Toronto Blue Jays, 4 for the Yankees. They’re set to face Toronto again tonight.

Julian Abraham, Columbia Radio News.

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