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Aviram Spies Sonic ID

(AMBI - Spies video game music)

AVIRAM SPIES 1: Lately because of COVID I got into video games. We were in our apartment. I fell in love with it.

HENRIETTA MCFARLANE: Aviram Spies, composer of video game music

SPIES 2: This specific game is incredible. It's called Grice, which is grey in Spanish.

The whole game is sort of like coloured with with watercolours. So I wanted to do something that was portray that something that's calm something that's very, very, very peaceful.

It's mostly about creating the perfect ambiance for the stage, the current stage that the player is in. I'll try to improvise around it for many, many many takes, and then something will just come up.

MCFARLANE: You’re listening to Uptown Radio, Thursdays at 4.


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