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Top of the Hour with Meira Gebel

For Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m Meira Gebel.

A former high-ranking New York City police chief pleaded guilty to what’s been cops on call – dispatching police resources to businessmen who donated to political campaigns. Former deputy chief, Michael J. Harrington, evaded a harsher charge of corruption. He will be sentenced in June.

The MTA released a $THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT million dollar plan to make New York’s subway system more efficient. But only a modest portion of the budget goes to the archaic signaling system. Critics say the money should be going toward equipment, not operational costs. So, modern trains and rails are still a distant dream for us New Yorkers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new city school chancellor, but the next day, Alberto Carvalho resigned on live TV.

CLIP 1 “I am breaking an agreement, I shall remain in Miami-Dade as your superintendent.”

What was meant to be a score for the mayor, turned into embarrassment. So, it’s back to the drawing board.

The 50-year pay-as-you-wish admission is dead at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now, instead of forking over whatever change is in your pocket, you will be required to pay $25 dollars. Unless you are a resident in the tri-state area — then, pay as wish still reigns. However, it’s bad news for tourists.

And now, to a legend. The David Bowie exhibition opens today at the Brooklyn Museum. The artists infamous Ziggy Stardust bodysuits will be on display.

New Jersey is a pretty dismal place to live, according to a recent study. The state was ranked #49 for quality of life‚ but, hey! Things aren’t always greener on the west coast. California came in last. The study bases its findings on natural and social environments — such as drinking water, air quality and community engagement. New York didn’t fare well either — at #37. So let’s all pack our bags and head to North Dakota — the state with the top spot.

Meira Gebel, Columbia Radio News.


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