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The City Announces Black Girl Magic Day, to honor Black women

HOST, DEAN CONDOLEO: Today is the first ever official “Black Girl Magic” Day in New York City. The event was created to celebrate and empower Black women. Cecilia Blotto reports.


BYLINE, CECILIA BLOTTO: The city’s first-ever Black Girl Magic ceremony will take place at City Hall tonight. But this morning, most Black women at City Hall are rushing to meetings.  


Mercedes Narcisse is a city councilmember representing District 46 in Brooklyn. She gets it. 


MERCEDES NARCISSE: “I am a Black Girl Magic. It’s giving hope to all Black girls around the world //and whatever your dream may be shoot for it, shoot for the stars”


CECILIA BLOTTO: Black Girl Magic is also about heros, or sheros. Narcisse says one of the Black women she most admires is Adrienne Adams, the first-ever African-American speaker of the City Council. Adrienne Adams - no relation to the Mayor - was elected two years ago and leads the first woman-majority City Council in New York history. 


MERCEDES NARCISSE: “It should have happened before, but I am so appreciative to serve under that leadership and to be at the right time and at the right place and to do the best we can for New York City”//


CECILIA BLOTTO:  This month last year, Councilmember Althea (El- thee-a) Stevens passed the resolution officially recognizing Black Girl Magic Day. 


Samantha Vincent is a social worker. She’s at City Hall for a meeting about volunteerism in the city. She struggled to pick just one Black woman she admires. There are just too…


SAMANTHA VINCENT: “Many! To name a few, my mom. She’s  an educator for DOE, Mary Brooks, she used to be a wonderful dancer and had a dance company in Brooklyn”//


CECILIA BLOTTO: Vincent says she wants more Black women at every level. 


SAMANTHA VINCENT: “I hate to be the one around the table and a lot of times that’s my position, where I am one of only, and for me, that is heartbreaking to be the only one in that room.”


CECILIA BLOTTO: Julie Dent’s work is to bring more Black Girl Magic to every room. Her Women’s Empowerment Group pairs successful professionals of color to mentor younger women. Her shoutout today goes to Vice President Kamala Harris and the city’s Attorney General, Letitia James. 


JULIE DENT: “Because they are powerful women, but they also care about the community, they give back, they come into the community and talk to the residents to see what they need. I could just go on and on and on!”


CECILIA BLOTTO: Kamala Harris and Leticia James are showing other Black women a way to lead. Councilmember Mercedes Narcisse says her whole mission is to get more Black female leaders. 


MERCEDES NARCISSE: “That’s all I do, pushing for Black agenda, to have opportunities. As an entrepreneur myself, opening several businesses in NYC, we know that we don’t get the support.”


CECILIA BLOTTO: But at least for tonight - Black Girl Magic will be celebrated at City Hall with three live performances and an awards ceremony. Cecilia Blotto, Columbia Radio News.


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