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Sounds of the City: Birding Bob

 BIRDING BOB: So, my office is Central Park. I’m moving around, I’m getting exercise so there’s a pro in that. Also, I like people a lot. I can only go do research and be by myself up in a mountain counting birds migrating past for so long, I start to go stir-crazy.


CECILIA BLOTTO: from the Bronx, Ornithologist and owl enthusiast, Birding Bob.


BOB: Some people translate it into ‘Birding Boob’, I’ve had that happen before too, but people seem to remember that, especially kids.


BLOTTO: Can you share your favorite bird memory, ever?


BOB : In general it’s an owl walk at night. An owl is a special bird, it’s like a mystical mysterious bird to people, especially in a city.


Then you hear “ooo” and “aaa” and everybody starts running around to get a better look. All the photographers are running around knocking each other down trying to get a better angle in the shot. It’s like watching a football game around me!


But the owl just sat there watching and I watched too so we survived.


BLOTTO OUTCUE: You’re listening to Uptown Radio, I’m Cecilia Blotto.


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