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In New York, I’m Laura Gamba New York has had quite a warm winter this year and preparations are in full effect for the second major cold day of the season. Shandukani Mulaudzi has the story. Mulaudzi_news spot_NC2 – Code Blue is expected to be in effect until Sunday.

A few hours ago Pope Francis landed in Cuba, where he met with the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. The heads of the Roman Catholic and the Russian Orthodox churches haven’t spoken for nearly 1.000 years. The split between the two churches happened over accusations by the Russian Orthodox Church that the Catholic Church was stealing converts in Russia.

Russia has been bombing Syria today after John Kerry announced world leaders met in Munich and agreed to a nationwide ceasefire in Syria. The ceasefire does not take effect for a week and Assad’s government is determined to win its biggest victory of the war with the support of Russian air power till then. It will hopefully help expand the humanitarian aid in affected regions. Gamba_Ceasefire_NC2:I will say that it was unanimous, everybody today agreed, on the urgency of humanitarian actions  and what we have here are words on paper but we need to see in the next few days are actions on the ground in the field. The ceasefire will not apply to the battle against the Islamic State. A school shooting today in Phoenix left two dead teenage girls Glendale Union High School. The circumstances that led to their deaths are still unclear but authorities say it might be a double-suicide.

An autopsy made to the body of Shannan Gilbert, who was killed by the infamous “Long Island serial killer”, shows she might have been strangled, said the attorney of the family today. Gilbert disappeared in 2010 near a Long Island beach highway that was later revealed to be a dumping ground for 10 other people who investigators believe were also victims of the notorious killer. Her remains were found a year later. The family hired the medical examiner to determine the real cause of her death.

If you are travelling to New Jersey going through the Hudson River tunnel, there is a chance you will be delayed. Transit authorities say it is the seconf day in a row in which track repairs are being done.

Laura Gamba , Columbia Radio News

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