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Millennials reconnect with religion at Met exhibition

Catholicism has never looked more glamorous than at the at the Met’s Costume Institute, where diamond-encrusted crowns sparkle and rich papal robes line the walls. And although reports show the number of young people attending church is steadily declining, the millennials we talked to are into this exhibit.

20-year-old Lexi Stoicovy is Catholic, but she doesn’t make it to Church every weekend. When she thinks about Catholicism, sacrifice and vows of poverty usually come to mind…

Stoicovy 1

But it’s very funny to see the grandeur that comes with it and how intricate and beautiful the processes of the catholic church are, and how elaborate things were too.

Emerson Kobak is 17, an aspiring fashion designer. She didn’t see the opulence of the exhibit coming either, but it jives well with her personal perspective. Just as the exhibit is inspired by the history of Catholicism, she takes religious values as a point of departure from which to live her life.

Kobak 3

I think that religion is really a way to look at your history rather than taking every single part of it, but taking the history and making it work with how you want to live your life.

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination runs through October 8th at both the Met Fifth Avenue and Cloisters locations.


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