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Local Newscast: Mar. 31


From Columbia Radio News in New York I’m Eliot Schiaparelli

Votes are being counted for unionization efforts at an Amazon warehouse in New York that started this afternoon. If the The fulfillment center on Staten Island votes to unionize it would be the first successful effort of its kind in Amazon’s 27 year history. And it would also intensify unionization efforts at other large companies like Disney and Starbucks. A separate unionization vote is also being held today at an Amazon facility in Alabama.

New York’s state budget is due tomorrow and Governor Kathy Hochul is juggling several contentious issues. Bail reform laws are proving to be a major sticking point between Hochul’s administration and the state legislature. Hochul wants to revise a 2019 law that eliminated cash bail for many crimes but the more liberal wing of her party is strongly Opposed. If a final budget deal isn’t prepared by Monday legislators would have to pass a stop gap measure, or risk not being able to make payroll for hundreds of thousands of state employees.

A group of parents is preparing to appear before a judge tomorrow on Staten Island. They’re going ahead with a lawsuit claiming that New York city’s Mask Mandate in schools was unconstitutional. That’s despite the fact that the city has lifted the mandate effective next week. The group says they want to prevent similar mandates from being enacted again without the consent of the state legislature. In other similar lawsuits New York judges have upheld the city’s right to impose mask mandates.

Three days after St. Peter’s University’s fairy tale March Madness run to the Elite 8. Their Men’s basketball head coach has a new job. He’s headed to his Alma Mater - Seton Hall - just 20 miles away. At St. Peter’s spirits are still high - applications are up as a result of the team’s winning streak and the school says demand for merchandise from the its bookstore is unprecedented.

The Nets are taking on the Milwaukee Bucks in Brooklyn tonight at 730 and The Islanders are also home playing the Columbus Blue Jackets at 7.

Rain and Thunderstorms are expected tonight. This is Eliot Schiaparelli, Columbia Radio News.

Eliot Schiaparelli, Columbia Radio News


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