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Local Newscast: Feb. 24

SHANTEL DESTRA, BYLINE: From Columbia Radio News, I’m Shantel Destra.

Tape of Chants: “Stand with Ukraine. Stand with Ukraine”

DESTRA: Hundreds gathered in Times Square this afternoon to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Protestors marched from Times Square to the offices of the Russian mission to the United Nation on the Upper East Side.


Two staff prosecutors in charge of Trump’s Criminal Probe Resigned yesterday. Both attorneys declined to comment on their reasons for resigning. District Attorney Alvin Bragg says the investigation is ongoing and his office will move forward without the two prosecutors. We’ll have more on the resignations and the investigation into Trump’s finances later in the show.

Mayor Adams’ has tapped Andrew Kimbell to head New York City’s Economic Development Corporation. Kimbell is the CEO of Industry City. In January Adams was on track to appoint Carlos Scissura before a report alleged that Scissura engaged in illegal lobbying practices on behalf of a developer.

The Sarah Palin Defamation Lawsuit against the New York Times may not be over. Last week the judge overseeing the case announced that he intended to dismiss the case for lack of evidence if a verdict favored Palin. Yesterday, Palin’s attorneys told a federal judge that they plan to ask for a new trial.

The New York City Marathon will be back in full swing this Fall. Organizers announced today that the coveted runner’s event will be making its return on November 6th. The marathon was canceled in 2020 and run with a smaller capacity in 2021. Up to fifty thousand runners will be able to join this year’s marathon. Runners will have to show proof of vaccination to enter.

Severe snow showers are expected in the city later today. A winter weather advisory has been issued for Thursday and Friday.

Shantel Destra, Columbia Radio News

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