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Local Newscast - April 22, 2021

From Columbia Radio News in New York City, I’m Arcelia Martin.

New York is the latest state to allow online sports betting. The state will pick two platforms where gamblers will be able to wager. New Yorkers are still several months away from being able to put their money where their mouths are. Eventually, they’ll be able to bet on collegiate and professional sports. Think March Madness and the Super Bowl.

The Manhattan district attorneys office announced it would no longer prosecute prostitution and unlicensed massages. Cyrus Vance, the district attorney, asked a judge to dismiss thousands of cases that date back decades. The announcement reflects progress in the growing movement to change the criminal justice system’s approach to sex work.

The House of Representatives voted once again to grant statehood to Washington D.C., where over 700 thousand Americans live. House democrats passed the bill last year, but it never reached the Republican led senate. But now with Democrats controlling the White House and the Senate, adding a 51st star to the flag has more support than ever..

In celebration of Earth Day, President Biden kicked off a two-day virtual climate summit. The President committed the U.S. to reducing greenhouse emissions by at least half before the end of the decade. The summit comes as scientists warn that governments must take action to prevent rising global temperatures.

Speaking of temperatures, Central Park is set to hit a brisk high of 49 degrees today. And it’s partly cloudy. So don’t forget to bring a jacket.

On Saturday, Brooklyn’s Barclay Center will host a virtual memorial to rapper DMX. Born Earl Simmons from Yonkers, he died earlier this month after a heart attack at the age of 50. His legacy as a hip-hop icon rolls on.

For Columbia Radio News, I’m Arcelia Martin.

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