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RENÉE RODEN, BYLINE: From Columbia Radio News, in New York, I’m Renée Roden

Attorney General Letitia James has issued a request to intervene in a federal lawsuit filed by a coalition of Black voters against misleading robocalls. The complaint accuses “Project 1599,” a self-described civil rights organization of making false claims about mail-in voting. Mail-in ballots would release personal information to the police or credit card companies. The organizers specifically stated their intentions to send these calls to Black voters. Over 5,000 residents in New York received these messages. Project 1599 could not be reached for comment.

Today the first TV ad for mayoral candidate Andrew Yang aired.

In polls from last week, Yang was the front runner. But one recent poll has Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams as three points ahead of Yang. As Uptown Radio’s Megan Zerez finds, that’s almost entirely thanks to one group: Black voters.

MEGEN ZEREZ, BYLINE :That survey of 500 New Yorkers shows that amongst Black voters, Eric Adams has more support than any other candidate. Black voters have some of the highest turnout rates in local elections. Adams, a former NYPD captain, has touted police reform as one of his top priorities.

ERIC ADAMS: I’m the only candidate that understands how to use every unit in this police department to keep the city safe.

ZEREZ: Adams secured endorsements this week from several victims of police violence. William Bell Sr is the father of Sean Bell, who was killed by undercover police officers in 2006. He spoke this morning in front of NYPD’s headquarters.

WILLIAM BELL, SR.: I’ll say it this way. He’s been on both sides of the fence. That’s why I hope for everybody else to vote for my man, Eric Adams.

ZEREZ: Adams, a moderate, is also the only candidate who supports reviving a revamped anti-crimes unit. The controversial NYPD plainclothes unit was disbanded last June.

Megan Zerez, Columbia Radio News.

RODEN: Yang will be speaking tonight alongside other candidates at a mayoral forum on immigration. The mayoral primaries are over six weeks away.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the city will invest $25 million in new funding to employ local artists. Possible projects in the City Artist Corps include performances, public artworks, pop-up shows outdoors, murals. We’ll have more on Broadway’s reopening later in the broadcast.

In a briefing at City Hall this morning, De Blasio again tried to distance himself from claims that he had canceled Christopher Columbus.

The dispute arose after an announcement earlier this week from the Department of Education that the Columbus Day holiday would be renamed Indigenous Peoples and Italian-American Heritage Day.

de Blasio says the former chancellor of schools, Richard Carranza, did not inform him or the new chancellor, Meisha Porter, of the change.

DE BLASIO: It's obviously something that should have been raised to the chancellor. should have been raised to me. Someone put this in motion. It was not the right way to do things.

RODEN: De Blasio previously said that the holiday’s name change was the right way forward.

And today’s weather is moving in the summer direction: sunny and in the low sixties in Central Park.

For Columbia Radio News, I’m Renée Roden.

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