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Lara McCaffrey newscast one February 21, 2014

From New York–I’m Lara McCaffrey and this is Columbia Radio News.

Bill de Blasio this morning denied allegations that his SUV was caught driving recklessly. The video captured by CBS shows the vehicle speeding, changing lanes without signaling, and running two stop signs. This happened just two days after de Blasio announced his so called “Vision Zero” plan to crackdown on bad drivers. De Blasio is set to answer questions on the matter at a press conference this afternoon.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will also  announce shortly that he’s removing over 400 homeless children and their parents from two of the city’s shelters.  Chris Mathias has more.


IN: At one shelter in Brooklyn…

OUT: Chris Mathias, Columbia Radio News.

A judge is expected to sign off on the deal this afternoon to keep Long Island City Hospital open. It guarantees health care at the site but doesn’t meet demands of a full-service hospital. The deal would allow the State University of New York to hand over ownership of the hospital and auctioned the property off to bidders.

Junior’s, the iconic Brooklyn restaurant best known for its cheesecake, is up for sale after over 60 years in business.

Lara McCaffrey, Columbia Radio News.


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