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Full broadcast March 14, 2014


POPPIE: It’s Friday March 14th, and you’re listening to Uptown Radio. I’m Poppie Mputhing.

ASABE: And I’m Asabe Vincent-Otiono. On today’s show:

POPPIE: More than a hundred people who evacuated their homes in East Harlem are waiting to move into temporary housing.

ASABE: A new Federal report accuses Metro North Railroad of neglecting safety. We’ll hear how lawmakers and commuters are reacting.

POPPIE: We’ll go to a concert in Williamsburg where performers use their brain waves to create music.

ASABE: The technology known as ‘telemedicine’ could save money on healthcare and keep the elderly out of emergency rooms.


OUT: Are not good places for older people.

POPPIE: And the film industry debates the ethics of using computer graphics to finish the role the late Philip Seymour Hoffman started in the next Hunger Games movie.


OUT: …riding on it.

ASABE: All that and more on Uptown Radio, but first, the news.



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