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Full broadcast February 28, 2014


Friday February 28, 2014

KATE: It’s Friday, February 28th and you’re listening to Uptown Radio. I’m Kate Cox.

AVI: And I’m Avi Wolfman-Arent. On today’s show, Ukrainians in New York send aid to family and friends as unrest grows in the Crimea region of the country.

KATE: The World Bank hopes to map Africa’s mineral wealth, which has some geologists excited.

AX: “Go back a hundred, a hundred and fifty years, we didn’t have a topographic map of Africa and people think that now we do, that we know all there is to know but the map of the African subsurface is still to be drawn.” (0:12)

AVI: Wal-Mart and Gap both see the benefit of raising minimum wage.

KATE: Comcast’s planned purchase of Time Warner Cable is taking heat from critics, but the city hopes it will make the internet more accessible to the poorest New Yorkers.

AX: “We can’t be a 21st century city if our city’s children’s actually have to go to McDonald’s to go online.” (0:06)

AVI: And immigration advocates hope the State Senate will let undocumented immigrants get financial aid.

AX: If the DREAM Act had passed four years ago I would definitely graduated in 2012. (0:06)

KATE: All that and more on Uptown Radio. But first, the news.


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