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Bottom of the Hour Newscast with Maggie Green

From Columbia Radio News in New York, I’m Maggie Green.

President Donald Trump said on Twitter this afternoon that he is considering sending illegal immigrants from detention centers to sanctuary cities. In his tweet, he cited Democrats’ unwillingness to change immigration laws as the reason for his proposal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the announcement was quote disrespectful of the challenges that we face as a country.

Today marks the second day of talks in Mexico for U.S. and Mexican government and business leaders. They are trying to sign a new trade deal that would alleviate delays and taxes at the border they say are hurting tomato, steel and aluminum exporters on both sides. The talks follow closely behind two years of uncertainty after President Donald Trump demanded a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

TRUMP I think NAFTA is one of the worst deals ever made. One of the worst trade deals ever made, maybe the worst.

Officials present at today’s talks hope the deal can replace NAFTA. The slowdown started last month after Trump threatened to close the border if Mexico did not stop a surge of asylum seekers. The administration sent several hundred border control agents to handle the migrants, which created staff shortages that caused the delays.

Today, Sudan’s military council promised a new civilian-led government. The announcement comes a day after the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir. Bashir seized power in a military coup in 1989, but in recent months faced demonstrations sparked by rising food costs and high unemployment. He was arrested yesterday after three decades of autocratic rule.

Star Wars’ fans got their first peek at the saga’s final chapter today at a Star Wars convention in Chicago. Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker throughout the saga, voices new trailer.

Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is slated to hit theatres on December 20.

STAR WARS No one’s ever really gone.

U.S. stocks rose today, bringing the S&P 500 above 2,900 for the first time since early October. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 251 points, and the Nasdaq Composite added 33.64 points.

For Columbia Radio News, I’m Maggie Green.

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