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Vegan Baking for the Deer

MARLENE CRUZ: Today we're making vegan chocolate chip cookies, and I think it's like the easiest thing it takes like 10 minutes to make.

EMILY SCHUTZ: Marlene Cruz, vegan.

CRUZ: So, we need half a cup of melted butter, which is hm, I would say almost exactly what we melted. So, the reason I went vegan was because of the dear. OK, so you pretty much. Mix it until there's no like bumps or anything, so it's like smooth. So the guy who offered me dear jerky every day. I was in like the 6th grade and he offered me deer jerky that morning and I was like oh no thank you. I don't want any deer jerky and then he asked for my phone number. It was wild. I think he's married now.

SCHUTZ: You're listening to Uptown Radio from Columbia Radio News, Thursdays at 4 p.m.

CRUZ: They're done. And yeah, I think I think they taste pretty good and I think the deer would like these cookies if they were here right now.

Emily Schutz, Columbia Radio News


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